Last election for some time

Posted by David Boothroyd
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4 years ago / March 20, 2020

The latest updates on local electoral information are as follows.

Elections postponed

  • The Coronavirus Bill is expected to be enacted next week and will postpone all elections during the crisis: the ordinary round of elections due in May will be delayed for a year, while byelections will be postponed to a date set in secondary legislation. The Bill includes retrospective provision; three out of four byelections due yesterday were cancelled by the Returning Officer in anticipation, as urged by the government.The government seems to have decided to let local government reorganisation proceed in Buckinghamshire on 1 April, and shadow unitary councillors will be established in Northamptonshire.


  • Coventry: The byelection in Upper Stoke ward held on 19 March was won by Gurdev Singh Hayre. Labour hold.

Changes of allegiance

New vacancies

  • Blaby: Stanton and Flamville ward, after the resignation of Conservative councillor Sheila Scott. Term ends 2023.
  • Bridgend: Nant-y-Moel division, after the resignation of Independent councillor David Owen following his imprisonment. Term ends 2022.
  • Mid Sussex: Copthorne and Worth ward, after the resignation of Independent councillor Paul Budgen. Term ends 2023.
  • South Derbyshire: Hilton ward, after the resignation of Conservative councillor Jason Whittenham. Term ends 2023.

Dates for byelections

  • All pending byelections are expected to be postponed later this week. No election took place in Clackmannanshire East ward of Clackmannanshire, in Chilworth, Nursling and Rownhams ward of Test Valley, or in Newington ward of Thanet on Thursday.