• Council Control: Con/Ind/Green
  • Conservatives 6
  • Labour 1
  • Liberal Democrats 6
  • Green 1
  • Other 12

Independent and Green group 5, Together4Rutland 4, Independent non-aligned 3. England's smallest county, which regained its independence in 1997. Partners with Leicestershire for many services. The county town is Oakham.

Oakham South ward saw an unopposed Liberal Democrat gain from Independent on 17 June. A coalition between the Conservatives and Independent and Green Group took over in May 2022. The Liberal Democrats gained Uppingham from the Green Party at a byelection on 5 May. Three Conservative councillors left the party in May 2022. The Together4Rutland group was formed by four Conservatives in April-May 2022. The Green Party gained Ryhall and Casterton from an Independent elected for the Conservatives, at a byelection on 10 March.

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Catmose, Oakham LE15 6HP

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Council Tax (Band D)