• Council Control: Min Con
  • Conservatives 19
  • Labour 14
  • Liberal Democrats 0
  • Green 0
  • Other 10
  • Vacant 1

City Independents 6, Independent 2, non-aligned 2. The potteries city, based on several towns which grew together. The council had a directly-elected Mayor, followed by an infamously fissiparous local political structure before full council elections in 2011.

Moorcroft ward is vacant (held by Labour). The Conservatives ended their coalition with the City Independents in September 2020. Melanie Baddeley (Abbey Hulton and Townsend) and Jackie Barnes (Springfields and Trent Vale) moved from City Independent to non-aligned in September 2020. Four councillors (three City Independents and one Labour) moved to the Conservatives in August 2020. Randolph Conteh (Penkhull and Stoke) moved from City Independents to Independent in July 2020.

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Glebe Street, Stoke-on-Trent ST4 1RN

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Council Tax (Band D)