Conservatives all out for five

Posted by David Boothroyd
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6 years ago / March 9, 2018

The latest updates on local electoral information are as follows.


  • Bolton: The byelection in Farnworth ward on 8 March was won by Paul Sanders. Farnworth and Kearsley First gain from Labour.
  • Dacorum: The byelection in Northchurch ward on 8 March was won by Lara Pringle. Liberal Democrat gain from Conservative.
  • East Hampshire: The byelection in Petersfield Bell Hill ward on 8< March was won by Jamie Matthews, the Mayor of Petersfield. Independent gain from Conservative.
  • Harlow: The byelection in Little Parndon and Hare Street ward on 8 March was won by Chris Vince. Labour hold.
  • Medway: The byelection in Rochester West ward on 8 March was won by Alex Paterson. Labour gain from Conservative.
  • Nottingham: The byelection in Wollaton West ward on 8 March was won by Cate Woodward. Labour gain from Conservative.
  • Rutland: The byelection in Oakham South East ward on 8 March was won by Adam Lowe, Independent gain from Conservative.
  • Tameside: The byelection in Droylsden East ward on 8 March was won by Laura Boyle. Labour hold.

Changes of allegiance

  • Thanet:In further fall-out from the change of council leadership, the Independent groups have reorganised. The 13 UK Independence Party councillors have recruited Bob Grove (Independent, Thanet Villages ward) to form the Independent and UKIP group. The Thanet Independent UKIP group has merged with the Independent group to form the Thanet Independent Councillors. Bill Hayton (Bradstowe ward), originally elected as a Conservative, is an ungrouped Independent.
  • Tower Hamlets: The Independent group on the council has formally changed its name to Aspire, after the Electoral Commission accepted its application for registration.
  • Wandsworth: James Cousins, who was elected for the Conservative Party in Shaftesbury ward but left the party in 2015 and is now part of the ‘Wandsworth Independent Alliance’ on the council, has joined the Renew party and will stand for re-election as their candidate. He remains in the Wandsworth Independent Alliance group on the council.
  • Weymouth and Portland: Francis Drake, who was elected for the UK Independence Party in Melcombe Regis ward, has joined the Conservative Party.

New vacancies

  • Burnley: Queensgate ward, after the resignation of Labour councillor Mohammed Ishtiaq. Term ends 2019.
  • Richmond-upon-Thames: Heathfield ward, after the resignation of Conservative councillor Annie Hambidge arising from a problematic encounter on a residents’ doorstep. As her term was due to end in May, there will be no byelection.
  • St Edmundsbury: Haverhill East ward, after the resignation of Conservative councillor Ivor McLatchy. Term ends 2019.
  • St Edmundsbury: Haverhill North ward, after the resignation of Conservative councillor Betty McLatchy. Term ends 2019.

Dates for byelections

  • Chichester: The byelection due in Rogate ward will be held on 12 April.
  • Warrington: The byelection due in Lymm South ward will be held on 19 April.

Other updates

  • East Dunbartonshire: The council is shortly to enter its fourth month without a political leadership. A minority Scottish National Party administration resigned in December and despite the council meeting every Thursday with election of a new leadership on the agenda, the political groups have yet to come to agreement.