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15 years ago / December 4, 2009

Latest information about local council electoral matters is as follows:

East Midlands

East of England


  • Southwark borough council: Ola Oyewunmi, who was elected as a Labour councillor in Peckham ward, has joined the Liberal Democrats. Although she has recently been deselected for the 2010 elections, Cllr Oyewunmi says her defection was prompted instead by the military invasion of Iraq which took place in March 2003. There is a vacancy in The Lane ward, after the resignation of Labour councillor Susan Elan Jones who has been selected as Parliamentary candidate for Clwyd South. No byelection can be held as her term was due to expire in May 2010.
  • Tower Hamlets borough council: Following the receipt of a valid petition (organised by Respect), there will be a referendum on 6 May 2010 on whether the council should be run by a directly elected Mayor. The referendum will be held simultaneously with borough elections.
  • Westminster city council: Byelection on 10 December in Queen’s Park ward after the death of Labour councillor Mushtaq Qureshi, a tireless champion and highly respected councillor for his ward over the last 15 years. Term ends May 2010.

North East

North West

  • Pendle borough council: Vacancy in Brierfield ward after the resignation of Liberal Democrat councillor Naseem Shabnam who had been criticized for poor attendance. As her term was due to expire in May 2010, there can be no byelection.

South East

South West

West Midlands

Yorkshire and the Humber


  • No updates this week.