Local government elections 2009

Posted by David Boothroyd
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15 years ago / November 3, 2009

The results of the local government elections on 4 June are now known, save in two county council divisions where the death of a candidate has caused the election to be delayed into July. The three Mayors elected on 4 June were Peter Davies (English Democrats) for Doncaster borough council, Stuart Drummond (Independent) for Hartlepool borough council, and Linda Arkley (Conservative) for North Tyneside borough council.

Of the 27 English county councils elected on 4 June, the Conservatives won overall majority control of all but one, the exception being Cumbria county council. The Conservatives had run the council in coalition with the Liberal Democrats for seven years before the two groups fell out; however, the Conservative leader Tim Stoddard lost his seat in the elections which may allow this coalition to be formed again under a new leadership.

Seven unitary councils were also elected on 4 June. They include four new authorities: Central Bedfordshire, Shropshire and Wiltshire went to the Conservatives, while Cornwall council has no overall control. The Liberal Democrats also gained majority control of Bristol city council.