Forthcoming byelections

Posted by David Boothroyd
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16 years ago / August 8, 2008

Here are the local government byelections currently scheduled:

14 August

21 August

None notified.

28 August

4 September

11 September

25 September


The Conservatives have vacancies on Braintree district council, Witham West ward, after the resignation “in disgust” of Bill Rose, on Cheshire county council and the new Cheshire East shadow unitary council following the death of Bert Grange who represented Knutsford division, on Hillingdon borough council, West Ruislip ward, after the death of Solveig Stone, on Kent county council, Herne Bay division, after the death of John Law, and on Suffolk county council and Suffolk Coastal district council due to the resignation of Ben Redsell who represented Woodbridge Riverside ward on the district council and Woodbridge division on the county council. There is likely also to be a vacancy on Westminster city council, Lancaster Gate ward, should Sir Simon Milton be approved as Deputy Mayor of London for Policy and Planning.

There are Labour held vacancies on Bristol city council in St George West ward, after the death of John Deasy, on Greenwich borough council, Plumstead ward, after the death of Kanta Patel, and on Stevenage borough council, Pin Green ward, after the death of Reg Smith.

The Liberal Democrats have a vacancy on West Lindsey district council, Middle Rasen ward, after the resignation of Gary Fenwick.

The Scottish National Party’s newly-elected MP for Glasgow East, John Mason, has resigned from Glasgow city council creating a vacancy in Bailieston ward. The Green Party has a vacancy in Leeds city council, Farnley and Wortley ward, due to the resignation of Luke Russell. Sedgefield district council‘s Sedgefield ward has a vacancy after the death of Independent councillor Jim Wayman.