Plaid Cymru gain in Aberystwyth

Posted by David Boothroyd
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16 years ago / July 11, 2008

Plaid Cymru won last night’s byelection in Aberystwyth Rheidol ward, Ceredigion county council, making the ruling coalition of Independents, Liberal Democrats and the sole Labour councillor slightly less secure. The Liberal Democrats also lost a seat to the Conservatives at Trowbridge Central ward, West Wiltshire district council; they held on to Barton ward, Canterbury city council where their candidate was political academic Michael Steed.

The only other change was that the Conservatives took a previously Labour seat at Common ward, Stafford borough council; Conservatives held Bury ward, Chichester district council, Bradwell South and Hopton ward, Great Yarmouth borough council, and Cranbrook ward of Redbridge borough council. Labour held Dalton ward, Kirklees borough council, Wigan West ward of Wigan borough council, Risca West ward of Caerphilly county borough council, and Croft ward of Blyth Valley borough council.