Local elections update

Posted by David Boothroyd
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16 years ago / April 22, 2008

On 1 May there are local elections in many authorities in England and to every seat in Wales. A list of authorities with elections, and the proportion of seats up for election in each, is given here.

Double vacancies

Where a councillor who is not up for election has resigned or died in an authority which is elected by thirds, their replacement can be elected at the same time as the ordinary election for councillors. This is called a ‘double vacancy’. The top-polling candidate gets the four year term, while the second placed candidate gets the shorter term. We have found the following:

Metropolitan boroughs

Unitary authorities

Non-metropolitan districts

Postponed polls

Where a nominated candidate dies after nomination, the election on 1 May is countermanded and the process restarts in May with a polling date in June. We know of the following postponed polls: