Forthcoming byelections

Posted by David Boothroyd
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16 years ago / February 29, 2008

The forthcoming local authority byelections are as follows:

6 March

13 March

20 March

27 March

3 April

1 May

In many of these cases, the byelections will be taking place simultaneously with this year’s round of local elections.


There are known to be Conservative vacancies in Abbey division, Cheshire county council, after the resignation of Shirley Harris, in Abbey ward, Dumfries and Galloway council, following the resignation of Bill Hodgson, in Leftwich and Kingsmead ward, Vale Royal district council, following the resignation of Will Charlton, in Morland ward of Eden district council, after the death of Derek Jackson, in Old Gore ward of Herefordshire county council following the resignation of Tessa McLean, in Stowmarket North and Stowupland division, Suffolk county council after the resignation of Alastair Liddell, and in Sweeney and Trefonen ward of Oswestry borough council after the death of Richard Burman.

Labour seats are vacant in Holmewood and Heath and Killamarsh West wards of North East Derbyshire district council, following the deaths of Terry Fisher and Colin Robinson respectively.

Brockworth division, Gloucestershire county council, is vacant following the resignation of Sean Connors of the Brockworth Residents Group. Sedgefield ward of Sedgefield borough council also has a vacancy caused by the death of Independent councillor Jim Wayman.

No byelection

There are some seats vacant which will not be filled because the term of the councillor who caused the vacancy would have expired in May 2008.