Forthcoming byelections

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16 years ago / February 15, 2008

A list of forthcoming local authority byelections.

21 February

28 February

6 March

13 March

20 March

  • Redwell West ward, Wellingborough borough council, following the resignation of Conservative councillor David Old. The winnder serves until 2011.
  • Yapton ward, Arun district council, following the resignation of Christopher Forester(Conservative). The winner serves until 2011.

3 April

  • Dunkeswell ward, East Devon district council, after the resignation of Conservative councillor Mrs Marcelle Boote.The new councillor will serve to 2011.

1 May

The following elections are likely to be postponed until 1 May when this year’s round of local elections will take place. Where authorities have elections on 1 May, no byelection is held to fill vacancies where the new councillor would have a term less than six months.


There are known to be Conservative vacancies in Abbey division, Cheshire county council, after the resignation of Shirley Harris, in Morland ward of Eden district council, after the death of Derek Jackson, in Parson Drove and Wisbech St Mary ward, Fenland district council, following the death of Cliff Edwards, in Stowmarket North and Stowupland division, Suffolk county council after the resignation of Alastair Liddell, and in Water Park ward, Cotswold district council, following the resignation of Judith Aram.

Labour seats are vacant in each of Bedwell division of Hertfordshire county council and Pin Green ward, Stevenage borough council, after the death of Tanis Kent, in Holmewood and Heath and Killamarsh West wards of North East Derbyshire district council, following the deaths of Terry Fisher and Colin Robinson respectively, and in Vassall ward, Lambeth borough council following the death of Liz Atkinson.

The Liberal Democrats have a vacancy in Yew Tree ward, Liverpool city council, after the death of Bob Ousby.

Brockworth division, Gloucestershire county council, is vacant following the resignation of Sean Connors of the Brockworth Residents Group. There is a vacancy at Gooshays ward of Havering borough council following the resignation of the British National Party councillor Alan Bailey. Sedgefield ward of Sedgefield borough council also has a vacancy caused by the death of Independent councillor Jim Wayman. The Scottish National Party have a vacancy in Troup ward, Aberdeenshire council, after the death of Mitchell Burnett.

No byelection

There are some seats vacant which will not be filled because the term of the councillor who caused the vacancy would have expired in May 2008.