Defection roundup

Posted by David Boothroyd
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17 years ago / November 9, 2007

There have been some defections recently which should be noted. First, Respect – the Unity Coalition has decided that unity is so 2004 and split up, with supporters of the Socialist Workers Party retaining the original name and supporters of George Galloway forming Respect Renewal. There are eighteen Respect councillors in the United Kingdom at the moment. Going with Respect Renewal are seven councillors in Tower Hamlets, three in Newham, two in Birmingham. Going with the original Respect are four in Tower Hamlets (who attempted but failed to negotiate a coalition with the Liberal Democrats), and one each in Preston and Bolsover.

Catherine Harris, elected as a Liberal Democrat in Noel Park ward of Haringey borough council, has joined the Labour Party. Nick John, a former Conservative Mayor on Worthing borough council representing Goring ward, has joined the Liberal Democrats. Paul Browne, former Liberal Democrat group leader on Blackburn with Darwen and councillor for Sudell ward, has joined the ‘For Darwen’ Party.