(Nearly) All change

Posted by David Boothroyd
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17 years ago / September 14, 2007

This week’s byelections supplied a merry-go-round of party changes, with only a minority staying with the same party as before.

In Rossendale borough council‘s three byelections, all caused by the resignation of Conservative councillors elected in 2004, Labour gained two seats and the Liberal Democrats gained the other. Labour had the best of the night, making a very convincing gain from the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool city council‘s Warbreck ward. The party also defended marginal seats in Conwy county borough council and Brent borough council.

The Liberal Democrats added their Rossendale gain to a second gain from the Conservatives in Chelmsford borough council on Tuesday. They also narrowly defended a seat on Lewisham borough council.

While losing seats in Rossendale, the Conservatives made an important gain from the Liberal Democrats in Mendip district council which gives them an overall majority on the council. They also defended a seat on Tunbridge Wells borough council.