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17 years ago / April 12, 2007

Third time winners!

Indigo Public Affairs, the specialist local government public affairs agency, won the industry “PubAffairs” quiz for a record-breaking and unbroken third time.

Whilst most of the other teams had the full contingent of four, our team was limited to just two people, David Boothroyd and David Ward, but this handicap did not stop the brainpower from Indigo outshining the others.

David Ward, who is shortly to be joining CABE, said “We are very proud to have won this event so many times. We pipped all the main public affairs companies with just half a team. We will be back again next year to defend our record.”

David Boothroyd, in charge of political research at Indigo and who is our political election guru and psephologist said “The questions were hard, but we were helped by good rounds on politics, history, current affairs and science. We look forward to next year when we hope to have other players rejoining the team.”

Managing Director, Richard Patient, joined the chorus of approval “I am very proud that our team has won for a record-breaking third time. It just proves that the Indigo staff have superior knowledge skills that ultimately assist our client objectives.”

For further information, please contact David Ward, David Boothroyd, Nick Kilby or Richard Patient on 0845 458 4511.