Byelection results this week

Posted by David Boothroyd
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17 years ago / January 26, 2007

Headlining is a Conservative gain from Labour on Nottinghamshire County Council, in one of the few three-seat county divisions.

Michael Murphy (Conservative) won the Hucknall byelection with a majority of 43 over Labour, cutting Labour’s majority on Nottinghamshire County council to six seats. The Conservatives also defended the Brampton and Gilsland seat on Cumbria County council, retained Witney Central on West Oxfordshire District council (in David Cameron’s constituency) and held on to Barton ward in New Forest District council.

In the byelection at Llanfihangel Ysgeifiog division of Isle of Anglesey County Council, an Independent candidate took a seat previously held by Plaid Cymru (whose sitting councillor was disqualified following a criminal conviction). The situation on this council is confused because of the formation of local alliances, but the state of the parties is now:

15 Anglesey Forward
7 Partners for Progress (including two Conservatives and one Liberal Democrat)
7 Independents
6 Plaid Cymru
4 Radical Independents
1 Labour

The executive comprises eight Anglesey Forward members and one Radical Independent.