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Posted by David Boothroyd
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17 years ago / December 13, 2006

For many years now, we have been keeping an up-to-date list of the political composition of local councils.  That’s quite difficult, given there are about 23,000 local councillors across Britain.

Every week, we have defections, by-elections, deaths and other moves.

We monitor them, but inevitably we don’t pick them all up.

That’s where you come in.

We want this blog to be THE source on the web where you can monitor by-elections, moves and the rest.  Of course, other websites pick up some of them, but most of these are partial or are run from a political stand-point.

Today I got a great comment from someone who uses our website at  He said “Useful set of figures you keep. Most reliable I’ve found on the web.”

I couldn’t have put it better.  Thanks.

Ok, so we are a community relations company – does that matter.  Not really.  Our clients want to know what’s happening in the world of councils, but the information we provide is free to all.

Keeping blogging, and keep sending us your comments about council changes.