• Council Control: Lab/LD
  • Conservatives 38
  • Labour 26
  • Liberal Democrats 16
  • Green 1
  • Other 3

Independent non-aligned 2, Independent 1. North-westernmost county of England, with most population around the coast and the Lake District in the centre. Had a rare Labour/Conservative coalition excluding the Liberal Democrats in 2009-13.

The Liberal Democrats gained Corby and Hayton from an Independent at a byelection on 26 August. Sol Wielkopolski (Newbarns and Parkside) returned to the Conservatives after a brief time as an Independent in August 2021. The Secretary of State intends to divide the county into two new unitary councils. At byelections on 6 May, the Conservatives gained Cockermouth North from the Liberal Democrats, and St John's and Great Clifton from an Independent; the Green Party gained Ulverston West from the Conservatives.

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The Courts, Carlisle CA3 8NA

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